Harley-Davidson Launches Affordable X350 Motorcycle in China, India Debut Expected Soon

1. Harley-Davidson has launched the X350 motorcycle in China at a price of roughly Rs 3.9 lakh. 2. The X350 is the company's entry-level motorcycle and is designed to be affordable. 3. The motorcycle was developed in partnership with QJ Motor,

1. The X350 features a cast aluminium frame and the powertrain of the QJ SRK 350. 2. It comes equipped with adjustable suspension, twin petal disc brakes, and retro styling. 3. Harley-Davidson has a joint venture with Hero MotoCorp in India, where the X350 is expected to make its debut later this year. 4. The X350 is expected to appeal to riders who want the iconic Harley-Davidson experience at a more affordable price point.